The Knox School is pleased to announce that we will begin offering college-level courses within select disciplines by the Fall of the 2019/20 School Year. Partnering with Stony Brook University’s ACE Programs (Accelerated College Education) and Suffolk County Community College’s Beacon Program, qualified students may take college courses at The Knox School during their regular school hours, while simultaneously working toward high school graduation.

To inquire or register for one of our college-level courses, please contact Assistant Head of School Virginia Riccardi at or call (631) 686-1600.

ACE Program

The Accelerated College Education (ACE) program helps high school students develop the skills necessary for a successful college career, familiarizes them with the demands of university coursework, and introduces them to the learning environment and resources of a major university before they enter college full-time. Students enroll in Stony Brook University courses taught in their high school. Stony Brook tuition and fees are waived; students pay only a non-refundable $300 ACE Program Fee for each course.

Upon successful completion of ACE course requirements, students will receive credit from Stony Brook University for the course(s) in which they have enrolled and for which they have paid and an official Stony Brook University transcript so they may transfer the credit they earned to their four-year college institution.

Registering for this course also entitles Knox students to a Stony Brook University Student I.D., with free admission to Stony Brook University’s NCAA Division I home games and access to the University’s libraries.

Approved Course Offerings:

  • EGL 192 - Introduction to Fiction

Beacon Program

Suffolk Community College’s Beacon Program is a concurrent enrollment program that allows high school juniors and seniors to take college courses at The Knox School during their regular school hours, while simultaneously working toward high school graduation. With the assistance from the Assistant Head of School and College Counselor at Knox, students may plan their future education by creating a “pathway” of high school courses offered through the Beacon Program, affording them the opportunity to jump-start their college education and enhance their college admissions application.

College credits earned through the Beacon Program can be applied toward high school graduation and accepted at a multitude of other colleges and universities. Enrollment in a course offered through the Beacon Program generates an official college academic transcript for each student. Acceptance of credit for college-level course work is under the domain of the receiving colleges and universities. Courses are taught using the college course syllabi and college-level learning resources and are delivered with the same high standards as the on-campus course to ensure a college-level experience. Knox students participating in the program are held to the same academic standards as the college students who take courses on the Suffolk Community College campus. Student grades in courses offered through the Beacon Program conform to Suffolk's grading policy and will be included on the student's permanent transcript.

Approved Course Offerings:

  • ENG 101 - Standard Freshman Composition
  • ENG 102 - Literature & Composition
  • PHY 101 - College Physics I
  • ART 122 - Electronic Illustration