Varsity Boys Volleyball Claims Third Season!

By May 13, 2024 May 16th, 2024 Homepage News

knox-varsity-boys-volleyball-teamKnox’s Varsity Boys Volleyball Does it Again!


Three years running! The Knox School Falcons Varsity Boys Volleyball team has once again achieved the incredible feat of clinching the PSAA league title for a remarkable third consecutive year with an undefeated record. Under the dedicated leadership of Coach Donna Pergola, this team has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill, teamwork, and unwavering determination.

The Knox community erupts in pride with each victory these young athletes secure. Their dedication to the sport, both on and off the court, is truly inspiring. Coach Pergola’s commitment to fostering not only athletic prowess, but also good sportsmanship and a strong team spirit, shines through in every Falcon player.

But the season isn’t over yet! The Falcons now set their sights on the state competition later this month, where they’ll face other top seven teams from New York for a chance to claim an even greater title. We have no doubt that these talented athletes will continue to soar high, representing The Knox School with excellence.

Go Falcons!

Please join us in congratulating our incredible volleyball team and Coach Pergola on this well-deserved achievement!

Varsity Boys Volleyball – 2024 Season Highlights:


Regular Season MVP: Kenneth “KJ” Anderson

Postseason MVP: Tsan-Fei “Philip” Tsai

All Conference: Aiden Ashburn, Leo Bui, Patrick Durso

Top Stats:

Lead in Kills– Kenneth “KJ” Anderson with 163 in the regular season and a total of 196 including postseason games

Lead in Aces– Tsan-Fei “Philip” Tsai with 55 in the regular season and a total of 64 including postseason games

Lead in Assists– Aiden Ashburn with 136 in the regular season and a total of 167 including postseason games

Additional Stats:

Aces- Kenneth “KJ” Anderson- 26 in the regular season and a total of 33 including postseason games

Kills– Tsan-Fei “Philip” Tsai- 66 in the regular season and a total of 88 including postseason games

Kenneth “KJ” Anderson and Tsan- Fei “Philip” Tsai are responsible for 44% of the total points scored this season. (KJ 26% and Phil 18%)

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