Photographer Allison Rufrano – Exhibit & Workshop at Knox

Time, Tissue, Tears” Exhibition and Workshop by Photographer Allison Rufrano at The Knox School


The Visual Arts Department at The Knox School is pleased to unveil the exhibition, Time, Tissue, Tears, alongside a captivating hands-on workshop led by the esteemed Long Island-based photographer, Allison Rufrano.

Time, Tissue, Tears transcends being merely a display of artistic brilliance; it serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and mentorship. Renowned photographer Allison Rufrano, celebrated for her evocative use of light and subject, generously shared her expertise with students from Mrs. Patty Colombraro’s photography class. Through a hands-on workshop, Knox students immersed themselves in the art of photography using pinhole cameras, guided by Rufrano’s insightful teachings.

Rufrano’s series, born from a deeply personal journey during her husband’s battle with Pancreatic Cancer, delves into themes of time and transformation. Starting in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Rufrano and her husband installed pinhole cameras throughout Long Island as a documentation of their journey. Her installations captured the sun’s movement over extended periods, reflect her resilience amidst adversity. The title of each finished work in the exhibition corresponds with the location of the photograph. 

“This collaboration has been an enriching experience for our students,” remarked Knox’s Photography Teacher Mrs. Patty Colombraro. “Allison Rufrano’s work goes beyond capturing images; it encapsulates emotions, moments, and narratives with profound depth and insight.” The collaboration with Knox School students not only enhanced their artistic skills but also deepened their understanding of storytelling through photography.

Dedicated to providing students with diverse artistic experiences, The Knox School underscores its commitment through collaborations like Time, Tissue, Tears, which exemplify its dedication to fostering creativity and forging connections within the local artistic community.

For those eager to explore the emotional depth and artistic brilliance of Time, Tissue, Tears, the exhibition will remain open to the public until May 25th at the Solarium Gallery in Houghton Hall on The Knox School campus.

About Photographer Allison Rufrano

Allison Rufrano is a Long Island-based photographer whose work explores themes of time, emotion, and resilience. With a background in Fine Art and extensive experience in Higher Ed, Rufrano’s art has been exhibited internationally, captivating audiences with its thought-provoking narratives and evocative imagery. Visit Photographer Allison Rufrano’s Photography Website.

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