Angelo Mauro

By May 6, 2020 Faculty Spotlight
Image of STEM Teacher Angelo Mauro with two students

In Angelo Mauro’s second year as a teacher and dorm parent at The Knox School, he has elevated the STEM Program to great heights! This year, due to Mr. Mauro’s passion for STEM and expertise in a wide variety of engineering and STEM disciplines, he was tapped by Head of School Kristen Tillona-Baker to manage an impressive renovation of the School’s STEM lab. This renovation, sponsored by the Bala ‘19 family, resulted in a beautiful 600-square foot lab with four 3D printers, 3D scanner, tools for woodworking, electrical and computer engineering equipment and software, 10 handbuilt workstations, Lego Mindstorms robotics kits, and an interactive 70” touchscreen. 

For Mr. Mauro, STEM has been a life-long passion.  Ever since he was young and was given his first set of Legos, he was always building something new.  Since then, he has studied numerous fields of STEM including coding, electrical engineering, computer engineering, 3D design, visual and audio creation, automotive engineering, physics, robotics, and more. Mr. Mauro is always looking to build something or dismantle something to see how it works. It is this passion and curiosity that acts as an inspiration to Knox students who are looking to explore engineering, 3D printing, coding, and other STEM fields.

In addition to his love of technology, Mr. Mauro also enjoys taking the time to disconnect and venture out into nature.  Whether backpacking, camping, bicycling and or hiking with his Australian Shepherd Takota, he spends every opportunity he can enjoying adventures in the great outdoors.

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