STEM Education

Knox understands the value that STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering) disciplines provide to our future leaders. In 2014, we established a dedicated space for a STEM lab, known as “Makerspace,” where students are exposed to hands-on, engaging classes, including: Robotics, Engineering and Exploring the Universe.

STEM Course Offerings

Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics introduces students to the world of robotics and programming. Beginning with the history of robotics, students come to an understanding of how robots function as an integral part of today's society. Working in our STEM lab, students take a hands on approach to the fundamentals of machine logic and automated problem solving with an emphasis on the basics of movement and physical interaction with the local environment. Open to Upper School students.

Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics further explores robotic assembly, architecture, and capability, and careers available in the field. Through understanding the diversity and power of each area of robotics, students work collaboratively in a competitive proposal-solution environment. Learning will be fast-paced and hands-on, with real world problem solving at the center of the coursework. Open to Upper School students who have successfully completed Introduction to Robotics.

Exploring the Universe

Exploration of the Universe asks students, "Have you ever wondered about the place of humans in the universe?" By investigating the Earth and Space on a macro scale, students will explore a variety of topics through a focus on the Theory of Everything, including the history of scientific advancement of the universe. They will gain an understanding of astrophysics through research and real-world, project-based learning. Open to Upper School students who have successfully completed at least one laboratory science.

Fundamentals of Engineering

Students are introduced to mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental engineering in this practical, innovative course designed to pique student interest in the field. Through investigation and exploration, students will complete basic engineering projects using hands-on training and real-life engineering solutions

At Knox, rather than simply purchasing a 3D printer, instructor, Kaj Christianson felt that it would be more beneficial for the students to build a printer from scratch.

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