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Hannah Bogart

Hannah Bogart

Class of 2018

Hannah Bogart ‘18 is a day student who is a natural leader and has been an active contributor to the Knox School since she arrived as a Sophomore. Currently an active member of the Pre-Medicine Club, the Publications Club, the UNICEF Club, the Civil Rights Alliance and Student Council Senior Class Vice President, Hannah takes advantage of the many opportunities for educational growth that Knox provides its students. She stated that “coming to Knox has allowed me to meet so many people from around the world, and their stories inspire my interest in the world and all of its cultures.”

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Student Spotlight Mateja Markovic

Mateja Markovic

Class of 2020

Mateja Markovic entered Knox in 2016 as a 9th grade student from Belgrade, Serbia, and has positively impacted our School culture ever since. Participating in activities such as the Knox Musicians Club, where he plays drums, trombone, flute, and sings, the Mock Trial Club, and exhibiting leadership skills as a Dorm Proctor, Mateja brings enthusiasm to all of his Knox experiences. His enthusiasm for diverse interests is also evident in his prospects for college studies, as he is considering becoming a designer, architect, doctor or engineer. Although he is still insure of his career-path at this point, one thing that is for certain is that Mateja’s “dream college” is Cornell University.

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Silvia Hernandez-Benito

Class of 2018

Silvia hails from Alicante, Spain, where she attended school until following in the footsteps of her brother Alejandro ‘15 when she came to Knox in grade 10. Family trips to Senegal, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey were eye-opening experiences for Silvia and taught her to not take life for granted. She feels that it is an important responsibility to show leadership in your school, your

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Miles Chamley-Watson '08

Olympic Foil Fencer

Miles Chamley-Watson, Class of 2008, is a two-time Olympian foil fencer, competing with Team USA in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016. He was a Bronze Medal Winner with Team USA in Rio, where he placed nineteenth overall. A multi-sport athlete, Miles also played varsity soccer and basketball with the Knox Falcons while in high school. He attended Pennsylvania State University with a full scholarship for fencing and completed a degree in Sports Management.

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Millie Chan '87

Designer & Manufacturer

Millie’s love for drawing and three-dimensional design led her to a major in Industrial Design at Philadelphia College of the Arts upon her graduation from Knox in 1987. After working briefly in Los Angeles as a free-lance designer, she returned home to Hong Kong in 1991 and took a position with a company that specialized in seasonal decorations.

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Chris Strompolos '89

Film Maker & Producer

Chris Strompolos was born in Arlington Heights Illinois and grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi. On the Mississippi Gulf Coast from 1982 - 1989 while remaking "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the summers, Chris developed a passion for acting, music and producing.

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Jing Jing Lai
Faculty Spotlight - Emma Sharkey

Emma Sharkey-Frageau

BOOST Coordinator

The Knox School is happy to showcase the outstanding contributions of Emma Sharkey-Frageau who continues her extremely valuable role as a member of the Knox team for her 11th year. Currently, Emma serves as the Coordinator of BOOST in addition to teaching in the program. Emma is a hard-working and dedicated person who is committed to the success of her students. She finds that the most fulfilling part of her job is helping students reach their full potential, and states that “it gives me great pride to see a student’s confidence grow when he or she realizes that they are capable of reaching their academic goals.”

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Kathy Treccagnoli School Social Worker

Kathy Treccagnoli

School Social Worker

The Knox School is thrilled to highlight the accomplishments of Kathleen Treccagnoli who continues her extremely valuable role as School Social Worker for her second full year. Kathy earned her undergraduate degree from SUNY @ Stony Brook and received her MSW degree from Fordham University.

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Majestic Mapp

Mathematics & Economics Instructor
Assistant Basketball Coach

Majestic Mapp was born and raised in Harlem, NY, and attended private school at St. Raymond’s High School for Boys in the Bronx, where his talent for basketball became evident. Majestic was committed to the game throughout his high school years and received a full academic and athletic scholarship to the University of Virginia, where he played on their Division1 basketball team. His promising athletic career was cut short due to a torn ACL in his right knee. After several operations, Majestic turned his focus towards his studies, and graduated from UVA with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology in 2004.

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A Home Beside The Shore

We have a home beside the shore
A peaceful place for which we’ll yearn
A quiet place to which we’ll turn
In days to come, when time has passed,
But this is not goodbye, for
We have a home beside the shore.