The Knox Giving Tree is an opportunity for our valued supporters to make a gift to our school at a level that suits their preference. Participating in The Knox Giving Tree program allows you to purchase specific items that will enhance our students’ Knox experience and grow our campus culture. Click on an item below to add it to your “shopping cart,” and your tax-deductible gift will be purchased on your behalf by our Advancement Team.

We appreciate your generosity and charitable spirit. The Knox School is deeply appreciative of your contribution.

$25 Level

Choose from:

General Donation
Buys a Board Game
Welcome Packets for 4 Intl. Students
Dorm Decorations
Coffee Pods for Faculty Lounge

$50 Level

Choose from:

General Donation
Art Supplies for Studios
Clay for Ceramics Classes
Beekeeping Supplies
New Brushes for Horses

$100 Level

Choose from:

10 Welcome Gifts for New Students
All Art for Admissions Offices
Teachers Supplies
Bulletin Board Supplies
1 Month of Text Program
Cushions for Benches in Library
Science Experiments for Biology

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$50.00Add to cart

$100.00Add to cart

$250 Level

Choose from:

Paint & Brushes for Art Classes
Mounting Material for Art Shows
Contribution to Horse Retirement Fund
New Linens for Dining Hall
Gas and Upkeep for Crew Events
Outdoor Lamppost Banner

$500 Level

Choose from:

Equipment for Athletics Department
Art Supplies for Art Studios
Display Boards for Solarium Gallery
Digital Bulletin Board for Dann
Professional Development Funds for 1 Faculty Member
Fall Plantings on Campus

$1,000 Level

Choose from:

Royalties and Rental Fees for Spring Musical
New Tablet for the Library
Guest Speakers/Presenters for Student Assemblies
Professional Development Funds for 2 Faculty Members
Sponsor an Off-Campus Senior Dinner
Give Naming Rights For a Crew Boat

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$500.00Add to cart

$1,000.00Add to cart

$2,000 Level

Choose from:

New Books for the Library
Vertimax Raptor Athletic Training System
Supplies and Decorations for Senior Prom
New Floor for Lawrence Hall

$2,500 Level

Choose from:

Updates Athletic Facilites
Installs Brick & Belgium Block Boarders for Campus Beautification
New Pool Table for Student Commons
Electrical Costs for New Pottery Kiln

$3,000 Level

Choose from:

Spring Plantings to Beautify Campus
New Folding Tables
Advertising Banner in the Gym for 1 Year

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$5,000 Level

Choose from:

Provides Necessary Materials to Upgrade Science Labs
Naming Rights to a Computer Lab
New Trophy Display Case for the Gym
New Padded Chairs for Assemblies and Theatre Productions

$10,000 Level

Choose from:

Renovation and Restoration of Houghton Hall
New Netting System for the Soccer Field
New Video Surveillance & Security System for Campus
Hay for the Horses for 5 Months

$12,000 Level

Choose from:

Full 1-Year Scholarship For a Domestic Day Student
Naming Rights to the Art Studio
Sends Entire School to a Broadway Show
Fixes Houghton Hall Tapestries
One Month of Electricity on Campus

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$30,000 Level

Choose from:

Provides a New Digital Lab to Teach Graphic Design and other Art Classes
Fixes Miura’s Roof
Air-conditioning for the Gym

$50,000 Level

Choose from:

New Basketball Backboards, Hoops and Nets
Repairs Gym Floor and Renovates our Softball Field
1-Year Scholarship for an International Boarding Student
Pave Roads on Campus

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$50,000.00Add to cart