Dress Code

Physical appearance plays a vital part in students’ everyday lives at Knox and beyond. All students should be well-groomed during the academic day. Students and parents alike must remember that all clothing should be in the image of neatness, modesty, and good taste. All clothes should be in good repair, neat and clean, and properly fitted. Skirt/kilt lengths are to be no more than three inches above the knee. Additionally, pants are to be worn at waist level with a belt. If a faculty member judges a student’s attire as inappropriate, the student may be required to change into appropriate Knox attire.

Uniform Requirements

The Knox School prides itself on the tradition of school uniforms. Everything you need to look your best at Knox on a daily basis is provided by School Uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger globalschoolwear.com or by using the order form below, and can be purchased at the Falcon’s Nest, our school store. Students may choose their uniform pieces based on their gender identification.


Blazers are an important part of the Knox School Uniform. Navy and Red blazers can be purchased through Global Schoolwear or the Falcon’s Nest. White Blazers must be purchased through the Office of Student Life. It is highly recommended that students purchase two blazers.

  • Students in grades 6-11 – Navy blazer, preferably two
  • Seniors and PG’s – Red blazer for those who identify as he, him, they, them, theirs; White blazer for those who identify as she, her, they, them, or theirs


(Until October 15; From April 15)

  • Short-sleeved polo in red, white, or blue 
  • Khaki Shorts with a black belt or kilt with black knee-highs or tights
  • “Boat Shoes” (similar to Sperry’s) or other appropriate black or brown shoes

NOTE: Students may wear any winter uniform top or bottom during inclement or colder weather during the Spring and Fall.


(Between October 15 – April 15)


  • White or Lt. Blue Oxford shirt (collared button-down) with solid navy tie
  • White or Lt. Blue Oxford blouse (collared button-down) 
  • Sweater or Sweater Vest over the Oxford
  • Appropriate, dark-colored Winter Jacket – NO HOODIES!


  • Khaki Pants with a black belt and black socks
  • Blackwatch Plaid Kilt with black tights
  • Black or brown shoes (no open toes or open backs; no sneakers or sneaker-styled shoes; no white rubber soles)
  • No white gym socks! Dark dress socks only!

NOTE: Black or brown dress boots /ankle boots, rain and snow boots, including black UGG Boots and black Timberlands may be worn during inclement weather


Formal Attire is worn on special occasions such as family-style dinner and other formal meals and trips to the theatre, opera, or musicals. Other occasions are specified throughout the year:

  • Suit or sports coat, dress slacks, shirt, tie, and appropriate shoes and socks
  • Appropriate-length dress or skirt with a blouse or dress pantsuit and appropriate shoes
  • Knox School uniform with blazer


Commencement Attire for Seniors

  • Students will wear a red cap and gown.
  • If a student identifies as he, him, they, them, theirs: short-sleeved button-down shirt, tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes (under cap and gown)
  • If a student identifies as she, her, they, them, theirs: appropriate length summer dress (under cap and gown)

Commencement Attire for Non-Graduating students

  • If a student identifies as he, him, they, them, or theirs: Navy school blazer, white or pastel collared button-down shirt, school tie, uniform pants with belt, dark dress shoes, and dark socks
  • If a student identifies as she, her, they, them or theirs: Solid pastel (light shades of color) dress, and white dress shoes

Moving-Up Ceremony Attire for Eighth Grade Students

  • If a student identifies as he, him, they, them, theirs: Blue school blazer, white collared button-down shirt, Knox School tie, white pants with belt, dark dress shoes, and dark socks
  • If a student identifies as she, her, they, them, theirs: Solid white knee/calf-length dress, and white dress shoes


Any Boarder who is out of uniform will be sent back to his or her dorm to change, which results in missing valuable class time. If a second uniform violation occurs, and a Boarding student cannot show that he or she has all pieces of The Knox School uniform, his or her PI account will be charged and the pieces will be ordered.

Day students will receive one warning. A second violation will result in a phone call home to either pick up the student or bring his or her uniform to the School. After the third time, Day students’ PI accounts will be charged and the pieces will either be obtained immediately from the Falcon’s Nest or be ordered by the Office of Student Care and Compliance.