Knox Traditions

Gym Night

Long-standing traditions, such as Gym Night and our Annual Lantern Parade have been celebrated from generation to generation. Knox students, faculty, and staff cherishes the traditions as valuable contributors to the campus culture.

Varsity Softball Rings Victory Bell

When Knox athletes triumph over the competition, everyone joins in the celebration by ringing the Victory Bell on the main lawn in front of Bancroft-Phinney Hall.

Knox Lantern Parage

The time-honored Senior Lantern Parade is an event that we look forward to every year.

Middle School Gingerbread Houses

Student council members and Mrs. Tillona-Baker help the middle school students build gingerbread houses shortly before December break.

Ring and Blazer Ceremony

Our annual Ring and Blazer Ceremony is when Seniors receive their school rings and their traditional red and white blazers. It is one of our oldest traditions, dating back to 1927.