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Cassidy Curtin '20

Cassidy Curtin

Class of 2020

Cassidy Curtin, Sophomore Pitcher and Co-Captain of the Knox Falcon’s Softball Team, is making quite a name for herself with her talents on the field. Recently nominated by Newsday as one of the Top 100 Softball Players on Long Island 1, Cassidy has great ambitions for driving her team towards a winning season. She is extremely motivated by the success that the Varsity Softball team achieved last year when the Falcon’s made the PSAA Playoffs, and feels that her team has a strong chance of taking home the title this year.

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Michael Curth '18

Michael Curth

Class of 2018

Accomplished athlete, skilled musician and soon-to-be Sea Captain, Senior Michael Curth’s unique background is truly inspirational. His contribution to the Knox community comes in many forms - from rowing on the crew team for the past three years to active involvement within the performing arts department - and will serve him well in his future academic career, training for leadership roles within the maritime industry.

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Student Spotlight Tommy Barry '20

Tommy Barry

Class of 2020

When a student is a shining example of The Knox Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Kindness and Scholarship, we love to shout it from the rooftops! Sophomore and recent Eagle Scout inductee Tommy Barry from Miller Place, New York is a strong example of a student who embodies these Core Values both on campus, and within the community.

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Miles Chamley-Watson '08

Olympic Foil Fencer

Miles Chamley-Watson, Class of 2008, is a two-time Olympian foil fencer, competing with Team USA in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016. He was a Bronze Medal Winner with Team USA in Rio, where he placed nineteenth overall. A multi-sport athlete, Miles also played varsity soccer and basketball with the Knox Falcons while in high school. He attended Pennsylvania State University with a full scholarship for fencing and completed a degree in Sports Management.

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Millie Chan '87

Designer & Manufacturer

Millie’s love for drawing and three-dimensional design led her to a major in Industrial Design at Philadelphia College of the Arts upon her graduation from Knox in 1987. After working briefly in Los Angeles as a free-lance designer, she returned home to Hong Kong in 1991 and took a position with a company that specialized in seasonal decorations.

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Chris Strompolos '89

Film Maker & Producer

Chris Strompolos was born in Arlington Heights Illinois and grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi. On the Mississippi Gulf Coast from 1982 - 1989 while remaking "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the summers, Chris developed a passion for acting, music and producing.

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Jing Jing Lai
Lauren Adja Tian

Lauren Adja Tian

Music Teacher
Choral Director

This Fall, The Knox School welcomed a new Choral Director to the community. Concert Pianist and Conductor of Orchestras Lauren Adja Tian from the New York City area brings an eclectic artistic career of both playing and conducting orchestras. Two highlights from this career include performing around the world with piano partner Aquiles Morales of Mexico in her piano duo Duo Sartano and directing renowned orchestras including the Eastman Opera Collective, RIT Philharmonic, the University of Buffalo Symphony Orchestra, and the University of Michigan Arts Chorale.

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Faculty Spotlight - Emma Sharkey

Emma Sharkey-Frageau

BOOST Coordinator

The Knox School is happy to showcase the outstanding contributions of Emma Sharkey-Frageau who continues her extremely valuable role as a member of the Knox team for her 11th year. Currently, Emma serves as the Coordinator of BOOST in addition to teaching in the program. Emma is a hard-working and dedicated person who is committed to the success of her students. She finds that the most fulfilling part of her job is helping students reach their full potential, and states that “it gives me great pride to see a student’s confidence grow when he or she realizes that they are capable of reaching their academic goals.”

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Majestic Mapp

Director of Athletics & Varsity Basketball Coach
Mathematics & Economics Instructor

Majestic started his career at Knox teaching Middle School Math and Introduction to Economics, in addition to serving as the Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach of the Varsity Basketball Team, and Assistant Coach of the Prep Basketball Team. After much success in his roles, Majestic has taken over Falcon Athletics and is currently the Athletic Director and Micro and Macro Economics teacher. Teaching and coaching are very special to Majestic, as the combination of the two allows him to share life and leadership skills that are valuable both on and off the court.

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A Home Beside The Shore

We have a home beside the shore
A peaceful place for which we’ll yearn
A quiet place to which we’ll turn
In days to come, when time has passed,
But this is not goodbye, for
We have a home beside the shore.