Employment Opportunities

Employment inquiries for Knox Summer Adventures must be made by the potential applicant.

As a counselor, you are one of the most important ingredients for a successful camp. Your primary responsibility is to provide a safe, fun and exciting camp experience to a group of young people who have been entrusted to your care by their parents.

Your duties as a camp counselor must be taken extremely seriously. Your job involves wearing many hats -you must be a listener, a guide, a sharer, an advisor, an encourager, a caretaker, and above all else, a role-model that young campers will look up to and emulate for years to come.

A Counselor at Knox Summer Adventures requires a major commitment and a significant amount of responsibility. This leadership opportunity will allow you to demonstrate initiative, grow in your life-skills and profoundly affect the lives of young people you watch over on a daily basis.

As a counselor for Knox Summer Adventures, you are expected to:

  • Demonstrate emotional maturity and stability
  • Demonstrate an interest in camp events and activities
  • Address the needs of all campers, including special challenges
  • Participate enthusiastically in all scheduled camp activities and maintain high energy and interest all camp activities
  • Uphold all aspects of The Knox School’s Code of Conduct
  • Treat all campers and their parents with dignity and respect
  • Address any and all concerns and/or issues with the Director as they arise

Available Positions

Junior Counselors: Must be entering 11th or 12th grade

Senior Counselors: Must be entering college or above

Lifeguards: Must have current and valid certifications from an organization listed on the NYS DOH Summer Camp Requirements (NYS DOH Aquatics Certifications). We utilize both waterfront and pool lifeguards. Your CPR certification must be renewed YEARLY to work at a camp. So if you took your last CPR certification course in June of 2016, it will not be considered up-to-date to work in a summer camp for the 2017 season. You would be wise to update your CPR certification in December or January so that when you apply for a camp position, you can bring proof of all your current credentials.

Water Safety Instructors: Must have current and valid certifications from an organization listed on the NYS DOH Summer Camp Requirements (NYS DOH WSI Certifications). Water Safety Instructors must be Lifeguard Certified as well.

CAMP DATES: June 27th, 2019- August 23rd, 2019

Knox Summer Adventures is seeking a Camp Aquatics Director for the Summer 2019 season. The Camp Aquatics Director must meet the following requirements, per New York State guidelines. In addition, the Aquatics Director will manage and maintain the aquatics equipment, including but not limited to; kayaks, paddle boards, pool, life jackets, testing kits, aquatic toys, etc.) The candidates should be able to demonstrate expertise in delegating Lifeguards, WSI’s and the Beach Activities Coordinator. The candidate must be a ready and willing team member and offer support to the Director and Assistant Camp Director as needed.

NYS Camp Aquatics Director Requirements:

“A camp aquatics director must oversee all swimming activities that occur at swimming pools and bathing beaches operated as part of a children’s camp. This person shall supervise lifeguards and other required staff during swimming activities and implement the camp safety plan. The camp aquatics director must: “

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a minimum of: − one season of previous experience as a camp aquatics director at a New York State children’s camp; or − two seasons of previous experience consisting of at least 12 weeks as a children’s camp lifeguard which had more than one lifeguard supervising it at a time; or − 18 weeks of previous experience as a lifeguard at a swimming pool or bathing beach, which had more than one lifeguard supervising it at a time.
  • Hold an accepted and current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate
  • Annually review and document the review of the camp’s safety plan for swimming
  • Possess current certification in a training course for lifeguard supervision and management as described below:
    • Lifeguard Management – certifications must be accompanied by a separate certification indicating in-person testing session. (American Red Cross)
    • Lifeguarding Instructor (American Red Cross)
    • Waterfront Lifeguarding Instructor (American Red Cross), or
    • Aquatics Instructor, BSA (Boy Scouts of America), or
    • New York State Lifeguard Management (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)
    Please direct all inquires to Summer Programs Director Majestic Mapp at mmapp@knoxschool.org or call 631.686.1600 ext. 452.