Employment Opportunities

Employment inquiries for Knox Summer Adventures must be made by the potential applicant.

As a counselor, you are one of the most important ingredients for a successful camp. Your primary responsibility is to provide a safe, fun and exciting camp experience to a group of young people who have been entrusted to your care by their parents.

Your duties as a camp counselor must be taken extremely seriously. Your job involves wearing many hats -you must be a listener, a guide, a sharer, an advisor, an encourager, a caretaker, and above all else, a role-model that young campers will look up to and emulate for years to come.

A Counselor at Knox Summer Adventures requires a major commitment and a significant amount of responsibility. This leadership opportunity will allow you to demonstrate initiative, grow in your life-skills and profoundly affect the lives of young people you watch over on a daily basis.

As a counselor for Knox Summer Adventures, you are expected to:

  • Demonstrate emotional maturity and stability
  • Demonstrate an interest in camp events and activities
  • Address the needs of all campers, including special challenges
  • Participate enthusiastically in all scheduled camp activities and maintain high energy and interest all camp activities
  • Uphold all aspects of The Knox School’s Code of Conduct
  • Treat all campers and their parents with dignity and respect
  • Address any and all concerns and/or issues with the Director as they arise