Clubs and Activities

Outdoor Adventures Club

Like our curriculum, our program of clubs and activities is always dynamic, never static. We offer a range of opportunities for student growth and exploration through service-oriented clubs like UNICEF and Diversity Club, cultural clubs like World Culture Club and Sign Language Club, and opportunities where students can prepare for the real world, such as Business Club. We also offer leadership opportunities through our Residential Life program (Dorm Proctors) and our Work Study program. All students participate in at least one activity, though most participate in two. When students have a strong interest in developing new clubs, we support and encourage their ideas. A spirit of innovation and social responsibility pervades many of our activities, notably National Honor Society, and our most active club--Student Council. Whether performing in a rock band or tending to the bees, Knox Students dive into these experiences with energy and commitment.

Anime Club

Initiated by Arien Evans '18, the idea behind the formation of this club is to teach and share the arts of Japanese culture such as animation, games, food, and comics. During club meetings, students will watch different anime series and talk about what they discovered about Japanese culture and any other possible applications. If applicable, certain activities could be practiced in real life, such as Japanese games and creating one’s own Japanese characters and comics. Beyond basic activities, the club will run campus-wide events that will add to Student Life, some of which can serve as fundraisers, such as: Sushi Night: students pay an entrance fee for all you can eat sushi. Anime night: open the projector in Tuck and host an anime night where we show a popular Japanese movie and sell snacks.

Club Advisors: Mr. Masakayan and Mr. Christianson

Board Game Theory

For Middle School & Upper School

The goal of the Board Game Theory Club is to introduce students to the strategies and theories of some of the more sophisticated board games. This is a club enjoyed by students who value friendly competition, who love to strategize, and who aim conquer their enemies under the heels of their boots!

Believe it or not, mastering game theories can help students with math skills, writing skills, and test-taking strategies. Students will learn a variety of unique games including Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Risk, Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and more!

Club Advisors: Mr. Masakayan and Mr. Frageau

Business & Finance Club

In this club, students participate in an online finance game through Investopedia where they will learn the principles of stock and options trading. Students fundraise for a trip to Wall Street to visit the New York Stock Exchange and speak with career traders and investors.

Club Advisors: Mr. Mapp and Mr. Bridges

Civil Rights Alliance/UNICEF USA

Founded by Knox student Kyle Persaud ‘18, this club group strives to raise awareness within the Knox community of issues affecting the basic civil rights of today’s youth, and to support the work of UNICEF USA through fundraising advocacy and education in the United States. As a chapter of UNICEF, our goal is to educate, advocate, and fundraise through campus events and community outreach. The aim is for students to get involved in global issues and learn how to advocate for those less fortunate, especially children. NOTE: Club advisors are asked to investigate the process for becoming recognized as an active chapter.

Club Advisors: Mr. McCollum and Mr. Martinez

Documentary Now

This club raises student and faculty awareness to contemporary global issues through the medium of the documentary film. Students in this club will engage in reasoned discourse in response to controversial films about a variety of social justice issues and work toward their own film projects in conjunction with the journalism class. Students will host a variety of movie nights on campus to showcase these films to the student body and lead discussions on each theme or topic addressed in the films. Students will also work to meet with documentary filmmakers whether in person or through skype to learn about how these artists first became interested in their research topics and how they continue to be inspired by the constantly evolving story of humanity."

Club Advisor: Mrs. Rishi and Mr. Bridges

Equine Welfare: We Speak for Them

Rescue Group Support: There are thousands of horse rescue groups across the country. Many of these groups save horses from ASPCA starvation cases and rescue horses from Slaughter Auctions. In this club, students learn how to support horse rescue groups.

Horse Retirement: This club goal focuses on ensuring that the horses that have have served The Knox School over many years, finish out their lives with dignity. Students develop and implement fundraising initiatives for the retirement of the Knox horses.

Club Advisors: Ms. Moore and Ms. Kaznocha

Fashion Club

Founded by Knox student Christina Tong, ‘17, this club group develops a timeline they will follow throughout the year and will use reading, research, and discussion skills to explore what’s currently trending in fashion and to assist with our International Day Fashion Show and with costuming for our Visual and Performing Arts Department at the discretion of VPA Chair Mr. Patrick Barry.

Club Advisors: Ms. Beal, Ms. Wang and Mrs. Fastenberg

Future Medical Leaders of America

Student-founded and driven, this club provides education and support for students considering a career in medicine and features a series of talks on the Knox campus by Stony Brook University professors.

Club Advisor: Mr. Tracey

Mock Trial Club

As members of the Mock Trial Club, students will participate in a series of trial cases, acting as lawyers and witnesses. They will learn how to develop their own argument, participate in a debate, and improve their public speaking skills. They will be working in teams, exchanging ideas, setting goals, and examining issues. The club will be using resources of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), which include a hypothetical criminal case (with the indictment, stipulations, stipulations, witness statements, evidence, etc.). NYSBA also provides the trial rules and guidelines, which follow the same procedure as real-life cases and mock trial tournaments. As a team, we will be able to present a trial at a school assembly. Our goal is to be able to participate in tournaments with other high schools next school year.

Club Advisor: Mrs. Pergola

Musicians Club

Students collaborate to arrange music of different styles to suit the individual strengths and musical talents of club members. They rehearse their arrangements in preparation for presentation at school events. Musical styles studied include acoustic folk, rock, and country.

Club Advisor: Mr. Barry

Publications Club (Scribblers, Yearbook, School Newspaper)

In this club, students design, write, and distribute published work via the School’s three main publications: Scribblers, The Honeybee Chronicle, and the student yearbook, Roseleaves. Students have the opportunity to submit original work associated with the arts and humanities to Scribblers, resulting in a very unique and personal final product. The Honeybee Chronicle - our School newspaper, covers happenings around the Knox community, while highlighting select events and individuals. Finally, this club produces Roseleaves by controlling the entire creative process, including content, organization and design. Some students may spend more time on one publication than another, but all will earn valuable experience they will use in college and beyond. Each member of this club truly appreciates the value of the printed word.

Club Advisors: Ms. Pergola, Mrs. Riccardi and Dr. Bush

Science Club & Environmental Awareness Group

The science club allows students to come together over their mutual appreciation for the sciences. Students are encouraged to explore ways to reduce the campus' ecological footprint and help make their fellow peers aware of their impacts on the environment. Students in Science Club also have the opportunity to participate in the National Science Bowl Competition at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Advisors: Mr. Tracey and Ms. Kaznocha

Sports United

Student-founded and driven by Brandon Persaud ‘20 this purpose of this club is to seek and provide ways for students in underprivileged areas to have opportunities to enjoy sports. The members will work hand-in-hand with KB Operation Hope to ship and deliver sports equipment and uniforms to needy children who have an interest in athletics.

Club Advisors: Mr. Mapp and Ms. Peucker

STEM and Architecture

Initiated by Daniel Leach ‘18, this club is geared toward students who have an interest in anything STEM or Architecture-related. Open to all grades including middle school, students will create and complete group projects based off the interests of the students in the club.

Club Advisors: Mr. Christianson

The Beekeeping Society

The Knox School currently has three on-campus apiaries housing a strong colony of Italian-bred honeybees. Although keeping bees requires a significant amount of labor, the results of such hard work are extremely sweet!

In the beekeeping society, students are responsible for the upkeep of Knox’s colonies of bees. They perform regular inspections of the apiaries to ensure that the bees are safe and healthy, change the sugar-water on a weekly basis, build and repair the bees’ homes, and ultimately harvest the liquid-gold honey. Although the majority of the work is performed in the Spring, students in this club work upwards of 2-3 hours per week to ensure that the colonies are well-served.

For more information about the Knox Beekeeping Society, please click the link below to read our Progress Report & Essential Information.

Club Advisor: Mr. Ramsay

Click the honeybee to read the buzz about our Beekeeping Society.

World Cultures Club

Students in this club share and discuss the traditions, food, music and ideals of the many cultures that connect us as a global society. Club members plan and implement our annual International Fair.

Club Advisors: Ms. Wang, Mr. Martinez, Mrs. Fastenberg and Mr. Barry

Dance Club

In this club, students will explore various forms of contemporary dance including hip-hop and jazz. Students will focus on developing their bodies as dancers and will prepare choreographed routines to be performed during school events.

Club Advisors: Ms. Beal and Ms. Peucker

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, The Knox School's Pre-Medicine Club learned about combating cancer and metastatic disease from Dr. Jules Cohen, a medical oncologist at the Stony Brook University Hospital. We thank Dr. Cohen for generously donating his time and wisdom while inspiring students who are considering future careers within the medical sciences.