Parent Permission to Participate:

As The Knox School begins the process of upgrading its website and marketing materials, we are fortunate enough to have a professional photographer on campus to shoot a 360 Virtual tour and some stills of our students.

While some of these photos may be taken with masks on, the majority of them need to be taken maskless, since we need the photos to have a shelf life that is much longer than the pandemic.

With this and safety in mind, the plan is to stage the students for the indoor pictures with masks on, then remove the mask for a very brief time period when the photographer is actually ready to shoot the photo, after which the masks will be put on immediately again. For most of these photos, the students will be at least three feet apart, with the exception of the dining hall, where students are allowed to unmask as they eat at the table.

Please respond by October 1, 2021

This form is to gain your consent for your child(ren) to participate in this photo shoot. Please fill in the information below if you are willing to allow your child(ren) to be a part of this exciting initiative.