Our Recent Production History

The Boys Next Door
Fiddler on the Roof JR

The 39 Steps

The Glass Menagerie
Guys and Dolls JR
Kiss Me, Kate

Our Honored Students

E. Janice Zingale Performer of the Year
Daniel Leach (2018)
Nikolaos Cazacu (2017)
Kiara Pettiway (2016)

The Gypsy Prize
Best performance by an ensemble member
in a musical theatre production

Ian Torres (2018)
Kareem Holmes, Jr. (2017)
Antonio Marrone (2016)

The Linda Shepard Cup
Best performance in a musical theatre production
Yutan Jia (2018)
Daniel Leach (2017)
Andy Guptar (2016)

The Jane Bagley Award
Best performance in a play
Connor Free (2018)
Nicholas Lazo (2017)
Nicholas Lazo (2016)

The Elsa Trophy
Given to the student who sacrifices the most for the school dramatic performances
Nikolaos Cazacu (2018)
Jingan Zhao (2017)
Elizaveta Vostokova (2016)

The Terri Rose Richard III Award
Outstanding contribution to technical theatre
Rami Salam (2018)
Amy Adams (2017)
Jingan Zhao (2016)

The Oberon
Recognizes outstanding potential
in the performing arts

Victoria Bove (2018)
Mateja Markovic (2017)
Daniel Leach (2016)

Ian Torres PG'18 with The Gypsy Prize recognize the achievement of ensemble members.

Our History