Knox on the Road

Interested in learning how our students engage in an experience that inspires growth and confidence? Interested in learning about opportunities for all of our students in our magnet programs? If so, connect in person with one of our admissions team members at an event in your area. Knox School admissions team travels around the United States and world to meet with prospective students who are interested in learning more about our school community. If you are interested in meeting with a member of the Knox admissions team during one of our trips, please contact us at or 631-686-1600 ext.414 to a schedule an appointment.

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Please contact for additional details about conferences and international travel or to schedule a meeting while Knox is traveling abroad.

Knox Admissions

One of the friendly faces you will see on the road is that of Mrs. Caitlyn Adams-Davis, Director of Admissions. This Knox Leader is one of many who work and live on our beautiful campus, helping students feel like a member of the family!