A Clear Path to College

College Counseling

The college planning process is a daunting, yet exciting experience. With the constant changes in education, the process has become increasingly difficult, requiring students to start sooner with their planning and work harder to meet their college goals. Here at Knox, we take the stress out of college planning.

The Knox College Counseling Experience

College Counseling is an online course using the Google classroom platform in conjunction with MaiaLearning. The course begins in 9th grade for all Knox students and continues until graduation. The college counseling office prides itself on its open door policy that encourages students to visit often if they have questions or concerns, need assistance with their schedules or college planning process, or just want to check in! This policy allows the counselor to get to know the student(s) very well, offering a great opportunity to better advocate for them in the application and recommendation process.

College Fairs

Each year, The Knox School College Counseling Office requires Junior, Senior and PG students to attend a series of online and site-based college fairs. Attending the college fair is one of the many steps that our students take in planning for their post-secondary journey.

College Fair