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Welcome to The Knox School Parent and Student Association Page! Current parents, guardians and students are encouraged to use this webpage to stay abreast of the activities of the association, to easily link to other areas of interest such as our Facebook Group and to communicate your questions and ideas. We are a volunteer organization who aims to foster relationships among Knox families and to enrich the experiences of Knox students, faculty and the administration.

Your involvement with this association will not only enrich your child’s experience, but help you feel part of the Knox family. Whether you wish to serve on a PSA Committee, volunteer to assist with School fundraising events, donate a few hours coordinating efforts for a campus events, your time will be greatly valued. In addition, your donations of items or supplies for concession sale, raffle baskets and auction items are always appreciated.

Whether you live near to Knox or far, we look forward to working with each and every one of you!

The Knox School Parents & Student Association

Purpose of The Knox School Parents’ Association

The Knox School Parents’ Association is an organization of caring and concerned parents and guardians dedicated to serving and supporting The Knox Mission and the School community. The Association is organized for the following purposes and objectives:

  • To promote a close relationship between families and The Knox School including faculty, administration, staff, and the Board of Trustees, that they may co-operate to the fullest extent in the education of the School’s students;
  • To promote communication within the School community;
  • To develop good fellowship and friendships within the school environment while emphasizing the dignity of all nationalities and cultures;
  • To advance the ideals of global understanding and goodwill;
  • To raise funds for School related activities and programs and;
  • To promote the School in the local, regional, national and international community.

Recent Meeting Highlights

Knox Parent & Student Association meeting highlights
January 18, 2018

1. Basketball Jamboree: The Knox School will be hosting a Basketball Jamboree January 25, 26,and 27. The game schedule is: Thursday, January 25: 1, 3, 5, 7 p.m.; Friday, January 26: 5 and 7 p.m.; Saturday , January 27: 12, 2 and 4 p.m.

The PSA will need to provide assistance and coordinate volunteers for the concession stands. School families will be asked to volunteer. It is suggested a sign up sheet be passed out at the January 17th meeting.

Two tables with tablecloths will be set up for the concession stand. It is proposed we sell candy, chips, hot dogs, cotton candy, Gatorade and water. Donations are gladly accepted.

2. The Knox School Open House: Knox will be hosting an open house on February 10 beginning at 10 a.m. The PSA is expected to be there.

The School Store:
The School Store has reopened following the holiday break. It made $1443.25 the first week back.It made an additional $481.50 on January 15th. The store has run low on many items it usually stocks and needs to replenish many items. It was also mentioned the store needs storage for supplies.

Uniform Vendors:
It was decided earlier in the school year to cease using Lobel's as a uniform vendor due to an incident involving the owner of the company. A vendor ( Flynn and O'Hara ) was identified as a possible replacement for Lobel's. Karen Palmer will pass along the corporate literature to the school administration.

Lands End- There are old uniforms from this company that must be packed and shipped back to the company. It is expected this will be accomplished by January 19th.

SPRING Fundraiser:
Preparations have begun for our Spring Fundraiser. It will be held in the month of May. It is expected to be an outdoor event so in addition to selecting a date for the event a rain date must also be determined. The theme selected is The KENTUCKY Derby. Current ideas floated for the event is a luncheon and cocktail hour. Danielle Taylor from admissions will assist us in planning this function. The Special Events Committee will also be involved.

Academic Enrichment:
Several academic enrichment activities were suggested for our students. The Scholastic Liaison Committee will review the suggestions with the students and faculty. A short presentation will be made at the January 17th meeting.

The Knox School Parents’ Association Meeting Highlights

Monthly Meeting on January 19, 2017

Parents’ Association President Susan Badia
Zoom Conferencing was utilized by three individuals

Director of College Counseling Donna Pergola spoke on College Counseling and Planning at Knox. There were handouts and questions from those in attendance and those attending via Zoom were addressed by Ms. Pergola.

Meeting called to order

  • Minutes from November 17th PA Meeting read by Secretary Susan Katz
  • Motion and Approval of Minutes by PA members
  • Treasurer’s Report by Treasurer Karen Palmer

Old and New Business

  • Allotment of PA Funds for guest speakers and/or new chairs for the library: The PA tabled the grant of funds for guest speakers for students and unanimously approved donating 40 library chairs for the library.
  • A summary of Lunar New Year Activities planned for January 27th and prepared by Danielle Lagnese, ESL and World Language Department Chair, was read to the group.
  • Organizing Sports Concessions for Remainder of Winter Term Home Games: Dates of the home games were listed with those parents who could help. Those present at the meeting agreed to help with some of the concessions. Karen Palmer and Michele Curtin volunteered to reach out to parents of students in Basketball and Fencing to also assist with Concessions.
  • Annual Fund Update: Director of Alumni, Parent and Student Relations Janice Zingale stressed the importance to the School of 100% participation by parents in Annual Giving
  • Parents’ Association fundraising ideas
  • Selling bracelets and key chains was presented by Vice President Laura Giuliano.
  • oKim Rishi spoke about a “Kentucky Derby Day” at Knox around the time of the actual Kentucky Derby (April or May). This would be a social/fund raising opportunity for Knox.
  • Committee Reports
  • Service Learning Committee Chair Kim Rishi will reach out to Matt Frageau about ways to promote the Community Service Scholarship the PA gives every year. She will work with him to prepare a form encouraging students to apply.
  • Athletic Committee Chair Michele Curtin discussed how she could proceed with trying to get a trophy case to store and display the trophies that the students win. She has a spot that could work. She was going to reach out to Coach Townes about student fund raising to do this.


  • February Speaker – Patrick Barry – Performing Arts
  • Next PA Meeting: February 9, 2017
  • Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 p.m.

Upcoming School Events

  • January 27th: Special Lunar New Year Assembly
  • February 9th: Science Fair
  • February 9th: PA Meeting 7:00 to 8:30 pm
  • February 10th: Junior Sponsored Valentine Day Dance 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
  • February 17th: Red White Gym Night
  • February 24th Spring Break starts at Noon (Return to school March 14th).

Future PA Meeting Dates
2/9, 3/16, 4/20, 5/18

The Knox School Parents’ Association Meeting Highlights
October 22, 2016

Held Immediately after the Luncheon on Fall Family Saturday

Opening of Meeting: Welcome and Treasurer’s Report


  • Thank you to the Dean of Students, Ms. Amila Williams and Director of Residential Life, Mr. Mark Navins for speaking at the September PA meeting
  • The IEA Horse Show was a success


  • Committee Sheets were passed around and several parents signed up.
  • Parents were encouraged to visit the new Knox website and the Parents’ Association Page, which can be accessed by clicking Parents at the top of the home page or menu on your mobile device. A great way to stay in contact with the school.
  • Parents were encouraged to attend the fall theatrical production The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow on Friday (11/11) and Saturday (11/12) at 8:00 pm.
  • The PA will be running the concession for the play. A special request for help/donations for the concession stand was made.
  • Mrs. Virginia Riccardi, Assistant Head of School and Director of Faculty & Academics, spoke on the new approach the teachers are taking for finals week. Looking at tests, projects, presentation… Mrs. Riccardi also spoke of how teachers are preparing the students for SAT/ACT style questions during each math and English period.
  • Ms. Kristin Tillona-Baker, Head of School, spoke on an enhanced program they are looking at so that parents can call/video in for parents association meetings;
  • Next PA Meeting scheduled for November 17, 2016. Featured speakers will focus on Service Learning.
  • A special ‘Thank You” was given to the Murphy’s for donating the floral centerpieces for the luncheon.

Upcoming Events were Highlighted:

  • Knox Halloween – Friday, 10/28
  • Winter Sports – Monday, 11/7
  • Admissions Open House – Saturday, 11/12 (9:00 am to Noon)
  • Fall Play The 39 Steps - Friday and Saturday 11/11, 11/12
  • ●Finals Week Begins Monday - 11/14
  • All School Outing to see Broadway play Wicked, Wednesday, 11/16
  • Thanksgiving Break begins Friday – 11/18; Classes begin 11/28
  • Founders Day of Giving – Wednesday, April 19
  • Annual Golf and Tennis Outing – Monday, June 12

Next PA Meeting Announced:

  • Thursday, November 17th at 7:00 pm in Houghton Hall

The Knox School Parents’ Association

Meeting Highlights from September 21, 2016

A regular meeting of the Association was held in Houghton Hall on the School’s campus at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, September 21, 2016. The meeting was led by President Tricia Ehrlich.


Opening of the School Year:

  • It was noted that summer registration dates ended on a high note with a Wine & Cheese social for parents at the home of the Head of School, while students enjoyed a pool party.
  • The All School Family Barbeque followed by Red/White Team Choosing on Friday, August 26th was enjoyed by students and families alike.

Featured Speakers:

Dean of Students Amila Williams and Director of Residential Life Mark Navins, who provided information on the following topics:

  • Dress Code: Lands’ End or Lobel’s khaki or gray slacks only for girls and boys. Seniors may wear black Lands’ End or Lobel’s slacks. Any time the students are wearing the button down blue or white oxford shirt, they must have a blazer and boys must wear the school tie. Jackets and hoodies that are non-Knox apparel must come off when in the classroom.
  • Cell phone: No cell phone zone designated areas: library and dining hall. Middle Schoolers cannot carry their cell phone around. Must be handed into Amila Williams, Dean of Students before school and be picked up at 5 PM. Upper school students must put their cell phones in the “shoe hanger” upon entering each class.
  • Early Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures: A parent must come into the building to sign their child in or out of school and note the time and reason. This is important for emergency situations that may arise.
  • Residential Life: Day students can attend weekend activities. All students are emailed on Monday what the activities are for the weekend. Deadline to sign up is always Thursday at 12 noon. Trips are charged to the student’s PI account. Activities can also be viewed on Edline under Residential Life menu.
  • Day Students Sleeping Over in the Dorm: If there is a school athletic or theatrical practice or game that is either later at night or early the next morning, students may sleep over in the dorm at NO charge. Just need 24-hour notice. If a student just wants to hang out with friends and sleep over, there is a $100 charge.


  • Reminder to all about the importance of registering for Fall Family Weekend
  • Call for Volunteers to help with Parents Association Raffle Baskets for the Family Luncheon on October 22 and the Fall Family Walk Fundraiser on October 30.
  • Upcoming Meetings: Saturday, October 22; Thursday, November 17; Friday, December 9

Parents Association

Co-President Karen Palmer P'19 and Co-Secretary Susan Katz P'22 work at the Parents' Association Concession for the January 28th Knox Prep Basketball Game.

PSA Committees

Whether you are a parent, a guardian or a grandparent, there are many ways you can make a difference in your child’s experience at Knox. You can serve on a committee, support our fundraising efforts with your gifts and/or time, attend athletic games and performing arts events or join meetings virtually from a distance. Your involvement is important to our school family and visiting this website often is a great way to stay informed about the many programs and activities going on at Knox.

Please take a close look at the Parents’ Association Committees described below. With today’s technology, members of committees do not always have to meet personally. We encourage you to make a difference by participating in a Parents’ Association Committee.

To communicate your interest in a committee and/or to ask specific questions about the Parents’ Association and its activities, please contact

Athletics Committee

Members of this committee will serve as liaisons between the Parents’ Association and the Athletic Department to foster communication between the Athletic Director, coaches and School families. Responsibilities may include advising the Parents’ Association on upcoming games/meets, concession opportunities and other ways to support our student athletes.

Arts Committee

“Arts” Committee members serve as liaisons between the Parents’ Association and the School’s Visual and Performing Arts Department to provide information to parents regarding “Arts” news and activities. They work with the department chair to coordinate concessions for visual and performing arts events and to make the School community aware of ways to support our student visual artists and performers.

Events Committee

The goal of this committee is to support events sponsored by the School, its alumni and the Parents’ Association. Members promote Parents’ Association socials and assist the School’s Advancement Department with fundraising events to benefit Knox. They may also provide outreach to encourage attendance at events by School families.

Student & Residential Life Committee

Members of this committee will serve as liaisons with the Dean of Students and the Director of Residential Life to inform School families about student programs, trips and events. They may also coordinate parent/guardian support where needed.

Spirit Wear Committee

The purpose of this committee is to promote Knox Spirit! It will choose products, facilitate orders and distribute spirit wear and gear. Any profits gained from the sale of these items will be used to fund programs and initiatives for Knox students as deemed appropriate by the Association.

Advancement & Scholarship Committee

Members of this committee will promote parent/guardian/grandparent participation in annual giving, review Parents’ Association Grant requests from Knox students and faculty, and coordinate the Parents’ Association Community Service Scholarship given each year to a member of the graduating class.

Service Learning Support Committee

Committee members will communicate with the Coordinator of the School’s Service Learning Program to provide School families with information about Service Learning guidelines and opportunities.

Meet our PSA Board Members
PSA Board Members

From the left: Laura Giuliano P'19&'22 (Co-Vice President), Kim Rishi P'18 (Co-President), Susan Katz P'22 (Co-Vice President), Karen Palmer P'19&'22.

PSA Calendar of Events