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Knox PSA Members (from left): Joyce Smith P'24 (Treasurer), Jordana Bogart P'19&'24 (Secretary), Jennifer Abaunza P'20 (Co-President), Susan Katz P'22 (Co-Vice President), Maria Halpin P'22 (Co-President) and Laura Giuliano P'19&'22 (Co-Vice President).

Welcome to The Knox School Parent and Student Association Page! Current parents, guardians and students are encouraged to use this webpage to stay abreast of the activities of the association, to easily link to other areas of interest such as our Facebook Group and to communicate your questions and ideas. We are a volunteer organization who aims to foster relationships among Knox families and to enrich the experiences of Knox students, faculty and the administration.

Your involvement with this association will not only enrich your child’s experience, but help you feel part of the Knox family. Whether you wish to serve on a PSA Committee, volunteer to assist with School fundraising events, donate a few hours coordinating efforts for a campus events, your time will be greatly valued. In addition, your donations of items or supplies for concession sale, raffle baskets and auction items are always appreciated.

Whether you live near to Knox or far, we look forward to working with each and every one of you!

The Knox School Parents & Student Association

Knox PSA

PSA Committees

Whether you are a parent, a guardian or a grandparent, there are many ways you can make a difference in your child’s experience at Knox. You can serve on a committee, support our fundraising efforts with your gifts and/or time, attend athletic games and performing arts events or join meetings virtually from a distance. Your involvement is important to our school family and visiting this website often is a great way to stay informed about the many programs and activities going on at Knox.

Please take a close look at the Parents’ Association Committees described below. With today’s technology, members of committees do not always have to meet personally. We encourage you to make a difference by participating in a Parents’ Association Committee.

To communicate your interest in a committee and/or to ask specific questions about the Parents’ Association and its activities, please contact

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2019/20 PSA Board Members

Maria Halpin P'22 (Co-President)
Jennifer Abaunza P'20 (Co-President)
Laura Giuliano P'19&'22 (Co-Vice President)
Susan Katz P'22 (Co-Vice President)
Joyce Smith P'24 (Treasurer)
Jordana Bogart '19 & 24 (Secretary)

PSA Calendar of Events