Cassidy Curtin '20

Cassidy Curtin '20

Cassidy Curtin, Sophomore Pitcher and Co-Captain of the Knox Falcon’s Softball Team, is making quite a name for herself with her talents on the field. Recently nominated by Newsday as one of the Top 100 Softball Players on Long Island 1, Cassidy has great ambitions for driving her team towards a winning season. She is extremely motivated by the success that the Varsity Softball team achieved last year when the Falcon’s made the PSAA Playoffs, and feels that her team has a strong chance of taking home the title this year.

In addition to playing softball during the spring season at Knox, Cassidy is one of three pitchers for The Long Island Heat, a year-round traveling softball team. She has played softball since the age of five, and grew up on the field watching her Mother, “Coach Mickki” play. She says that softball is a great “stress-reliever” and she values her time on the field because the lessons that she learns about tenacity and teamwork translate into her daily life.

Cassidy joined the Knox community as a day student from Farmingville, New York, in the seventh grade. She states that she “loves the diversity of the students at Knox” and feels that she has learned so much about world cultures from her friends from around the globe. Academically, Cassidy is very enthusiastic about English and Math, and she is an active participant in the Knox Pre-Med Club. Her future career ambitions include becoming an EMT, a Trauma Nurse, or something within the medical profession that one may consider “high stress.” This is likely due to her long family history of firefighters, EMT’s and members of the police force.

Whether Cassidy is pushing her teammates towards reaching new levels of achievement, or actively participating in red/white activities, her natural leadership abilities and dedication to greatness is infectious. We are confident that this rising star has a very bright future and we are proud to provide her with room to flourish.

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