A New Idea Rooted in Tradition!

April 19, 2017 is a day for alumni and friends of The Knox School to show support for the vision executed by Founder Mary Alice Knox. Your generosity on this day will help Knox students continue to thrive, while confirming your ongoing support for the mission, traditions and core values that have warmed your hearts over the years.

Ongoing Activities

  • Special listing on the website of all donors who have supported Knox with a generous donation on our Founder’s Day of Giving.
  • Watch Facebook and emails to see photos of students and the campus, promoting Founder’s Day of Giving.
  • Facebook Live events will be recorded on campus throughout the day.
  • Throughout the day, use the hashtag #knoxfoundersdayofgiving to participate via social media: send your photos, talk about day-of-events and why you donated to Knox.
  • Visit the campus and make your gift in person and receive a Knox donor gift for donations $25+.

Examples of how your gifts can make a difference:

$500 - Provides new books for the library
$1,000 - Pays for royalties and rental fees for both the fall play and the spring musical
$1,500 - Provides a six-week supply of shoes for ten horses
$2,000 - Covers the cost of spring aerating and seeding of sports fields
$2,500 - Feeds our horses for a month
$2,500 - Covers the cost of three drafting tables and stools for design students in Stagecraft
$3,000 - Provides spring plantings to beautify our campus
$3,500 - Provides new chairs for campus events and assemblies
$5,000 - Provides the necessary materials to upgrade our science labs
$10,000 - Provides funding to begin the renovation and restoration of Houghton
$12,000 - Covers funding for one month of electric expenses
$15,000 - Provides funding to develop a new Knox School mobile application
$20,000 - Provides funding to grow our STEM Program
$50,000 - Helps to upgrade campus technology and security
$1,000,000 - Will allow us to enclose our riding ring for year-round Equestrian programs


Does Semper ad Lucem still guide your life today?

Do you believe that The Knox School should “hold fast the old traditions,” as you sang during the Annual Lantern Parade?

What was your passion at Knox? Riding? Music? Theatre? Visual Arts? Athletics?


Do you believe in the value of a small school where every student is known and rigorous academics are combined with artistic and athletic pursuits?

Do you want to help day-school tuition remain low to better serve our local community?
Let's Get social!

Throughout the day,
use the hashtag #knoxfoundersdayofgiving
to participate in our
exciting social media activities.

On Founder’s Day of Giving, send photos, talk about day-of events, and tell us why you donated to Knox.

*Please email your photos to Karyn Cernera Bush, Director of Marketing and Communications at kcbush@knoxschool.org.

For more information on Founders Day, please contact: Meredith McCaslin, Director of Advancement at 631-686-1600 ext. 410 or email mmcaslin@knoxschool.org

To make a gift over the phone, please contact: Danielle Taylor, Advancement Assistant at 631-686-1600 ext. 439.