The goal of The Knox School Athletic Department is to provide opportunities for our student-athletes to reach their fullest potential. In recognition of our School’s mission, Knox Athletics emphasizes sportsmanship, responsibility, cooperation, teamwork and respect for others with the purpose of making sports more enjoyable for everyone. The Knox School promotes an environment for student-athletes to take risks and develop personal goals in sports while stressing the School’s Core Values, Mission, Purpose, and Philosophy.

Walter Townes

Director of Athletics
National Prep Basketball Coach


Equestrian - Co-ed
Crew - Co-ed
National Prep Basketball
Varsity Soccer - Boys
Varsity Volley Ball - Girls
Varsity Tennis - Girls
Varsity Cross Country


Equestrian - Co-ed
Crew - Co-ed
National Prep Basketball
Fencing - Co-ed
JV Basketball - Girls
Varsity Basketball - Boys


Equestrian - Co-ed
Crew - Co-ed
National Prep Basketball
Varsity Tennis - Boys
Varsity Softball - Girls

Knox Premier Full-Year Teams

Knox offers athletics teams that run in both an all-year and single-season format. Students can learn more about all-year sports options below:

Basketball is everything to me! It shows me what hard work can do for a person's life. Hard work is so important. And thanks to basketball, I can really see how hard work can help me improve in life.
Christian '18


Martin Luther
Knox School
CHANGED: This event has changed.