Tuition & Fees


International Student Boarding$56,300
7 Day Domestic Boarding$48,900
5 Day Domestic Boarding$37,500
Day Student$11,950

Required Fees

Student Personal Incident Account$2,000
Health Insurance*$1,875
Parent Association Annual Dues$50
Smart Tuition Account Fee$50

*International Students Only

Additional Optional Fees

BOOST Academic Support Program

5 Days per Academic Cycle$9,800
3 Days per Academic Cycle$5,975
2 Days per Academic Cycle$3,975

Additional Options


Private Music Lessons (per year)


Horseback Riding (per semester)

Horse Boarding (per month)$725

Tuition includes many additional activities and services, including athletics, meal programs, student clubs, and more. For information about activities and services, please contact admissions today.

Knox offers exciting opportunities for students to engage in the campus community both inside and outside the classroom.

If you are interested in our Equestrian Program or Horse Boarding, please contact admissions so that we can arrange a meeting with our Equestrian Program Director, Debbie Moore.